Keexle for Lawyers

There are many tools available today that allow you to communicate and collaborate online.

These tools may be suitable for organising the office Christmas party but how do you share, chat & manage files when you’re dealing with the most confidential of data?

When it has to be confidential, Keexle is the solution for Legal Professionals.

Features for Lawyers

Synchronized file sharing

Private chat with Keexle Messenger

Group discussion and sharing

Video/Audio Conference Call

Collaborate with several people on your documents

Plan your projects as a team

Manage licences for team members and partners

Receive files easily and securely with Keexle Transfer

In any field of Law, confidentiality is crucial.

That’s why today Legal Firms of all sizes still have to fall back on physical paper, face-to-face meetings or clumsy technology.

Keexle solves this problem.

How does it work?

Everything is always encrypted end-to-end. That means it’s is encrypted before it leaves your computer or smart phone. And can only be decrypted by the people you choose.

The private encryption keys required to encrypt and decrypt data are generated on, and only ever stored on your device, never on our servers.

Even we as the service provider have no way to access the content of your communications.

Finally, the Legal Profession has a tool for the modern world, that does not sacrifice security or privacy.

If it’s confidential, it’s Keexle.

You Secure Dataroom

Like any modern professional, lawyers need to be able to quickly and efficiently share and   communicate. This is particularly challenging for the Legal Profession due regulatory and ethical restrictions.

For at least the last 20 years, Law Firms have struggled to try to balance the paramount importance of confidentiality with convenient, instant communication over the internet.

Keexle solves this problem.

Using Keexle as your SecureData room, you can create and manage Secure Groups in which any relevant documents can be accessed and any necessary conversations can take place, regardless of the level of confidentiality.

With Keexle you can create SecureRooms that include all Stakeholders in a particular project, both inside and outside of your Firm.

The information shared within each of these Secure Rooms can only ever be accessed by the people you choose. And you can add and remove members from any particular Room with a click of your mouse.

Keexle Transfer makes KYC & GDPR compliance simple

When performing KYC, you need to receive highly confidential documents from your potential client. But how can you ensure you can receive these documents quickly and easily while   ensuring compliance with GDPR and other concerned regulation?

With Keexle Transfer you haveyour own unique URL, for example

You can share this link, and your potential clients can transfer you files in a way that’s totally private and completely secure.

The data being sent is encrypted in the sender’s browser, before it leaves their device, and only you have the encryption key required to decrypt the document.

You receive the files directly in your Keexle account.

Easier than email, but totally secure. KYC & GDPR made simple.