Keexle  is a communication & collaboration tool that encrypts everything end-to-end, effortlessly.

End-to-end encryption means everything is encrypted before it leaves your computer and can then only be decrypted by you or your intended recipient

Implementing proper end-to-end encryption no longer means you have to sacrifice features and functionality

Private Chat


Cloud Storage

File Share

Group Chat

Video/Audio Conference Call

Receive files from anyone, as easy as email, but totally secure with keexle transfer


Give your client your unique Keexle URL. For example:


Your customer uploads the sensitive files you need, straight from their phone or web browser.


Files are encrypted end-to-end before being sent from the sender’s device.

Even we can’t access your content

Keexle is different because your private encryption keys , which are the only way to encrypt and decrypt your data are generated on, and are only ever stored on your computer. Never on our severs.

This is true end-to-end encryption and means you are always in control of your data.

It also ensures that we at Keexle, can never access your data.

Encrypted Live Sync & Revisioning

With Keexle, as you work on a Document, Presentation or any other project, the changes are automatically synced as you work. This way everyone can always access the most up to date version.

Keep track of changes and view all previous versions of files

You can look back through all the versions and see who and when all the changes have been made. So if you’ve been working on something and you decide you liked it better last week you simply go back to a previous version!

One Privacy

Founded in Luxembourg in 2016, OnePrivacy is an ICT startup that specialises in Security and Privacy on the internet. We build products and solutions that conform to the notion of Privacy By Design.

The goal of our project is for the OnePrivacy brand to be the gold  standard for protecting business and individual’s rights to privacy. Our innovative solutions show that there is an alternative to the current system, an alternative reality where one does not need to sacrifice one’s right to privacy when using the internet.